Standard consent

Patient Forms

Patient Forms
Patient Forms
New Patients are welcome in our office! It's easy to book online, please Request an Appointment here, it only takes a minute and someone in our office will answer with more details.

You can also call or text us at 949-425-1447 or email us at

After scheduling an appointment, you will receive an email containing a link to visit our Patient Portal page and fill in the Health History and the standard Consent forms before your visit to minimize your In-Office time. You can fill in and sign the forms on a tablet, any computer or even your phone!
We added a new form regarding Emergency visits during the COVID-19 pandemic
We don't use paper forms, everything is done on a tablet in a quick, easy and HIPAA compliant, safe process. Your info is auto populated in our system with no room for errors or omissions. We are a chartless, paperless, all digital office.
We are a paperless office
Everything is done on a touch screen in a quick, easy and HIPAA compliant, safe process
Existing Patients
If you need to update your Health History or sign additional forms before an appointment please use the link below to log in It's important to keep your regular appointments to avoid complications, read more about this in our blog!

Your First Appointment
Your first visit will last approximately 1 hour and we will review your dental and medical history, and evaluate your oral health, do a tour of our office and review our office policies with you.
You will receive a comprehensive dental exam, x-rays, oral cancer screening, a periodontal evaluation and a baseline dental charting, possibly a 3D scanning of your teeth.
Dr. Preda will discuss the current state of your dental and overall health and outline your treatment planning options to complete any dental work you may need or cosmetic dentistry you may want. Please check our current promotions here
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New Patients are welcome in our office! It's easy to book online Contact us
Call or text 949-425-1447. or book online
We are partners with CareCredit and we can offer an 'in house" plan with discounted fees!
Apply for a payment plan with a no interest (same as cash) promotion up to 2 years!