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Moderd Dental Office
CORONA VIRUS UPDATE: We use extra precautions during COVID-19 and our office is set up for #SocialDistancing, and we use a Virtual waiting room, trying to screen and discuss treatment over the phone as much as possible.
We have point-of-care screening tests, we have Enhanced Suction vacuums that remove 99% of droplets and we check your temperature when you come in using a touch free thermometer.

Aerosol filtration, Social Distancing
We use PPE gear, also enhanced aerosols suction
Aerosol filtration, Social Distancing
Medical grade HEPA filters in operatories and on the hall.
Medical grade HEPA Aerosol filtration
Medical grade HEPA suction for Hygiene appointments
Medical grade HEPA Aerosol suction
Medical grade HEPA Filters and Enhanced Suctions
Medical grade HEPA Filters and Enhanced Suctions
We have created a very relaxing and comforting atmosphere for our Patients! We continuously improve our equipment and technology to make sure we use nothing harmful or toxic, but beneficial to your overall health!
  • All our lights are LEDs, no fluorescent bulbs, this includes the surgical lights and the curing lights too.
  • Our dental materials are non-toxic, BPA-free composite and some are even gluten-free, if that's what your body needs
  • We safely filter our suction waste and use an amalgam separator to collect debris (including mercury) before it reaches the drain. We then send it to a recycling facility. This is above Aliso Viejo City and Orange County's requirements, most Dental Offices don't even have something like this in place.
  • We are responsibly recycling our bottles and cans, use only recycled paper throughout the office - from printing to paper towels, compostable BPA-free coffee and water cups, "green" bio-degradable trash bags
  • All the cleaning products and soap we use in the office are "green" and non-toxic, from the disinfectant cleaning wipes to the micro-particles vacuum we use for amalgam removal but also for flu germs and viruses
  • Digital X-Rays, that means instant images we can see on the screen in front of you, low radiation and increased accuracy. We set it up for even lower (50%) radiation for children X-Rays
  • We use a digital scanner for dental impressions, no goop, no gag, no mess. We take a digital impression of your teeth and upload the file to the lab.
  • We use minimally invasive Waterlase Express Laser instead of drilling when possible, for less pain (no anesthesia needed in some cases) and faster healing!
  • We are a chartless, all digital office, all our records, data and Patient communications are HIPAA compliant, digitally stored and transferred
We use a mercury particles vacuum for safe amalgam fillings removal procedures, or just when someone is sick so we prevent germs from spreading to protect our Patients and the staff
Mercury Vacuum
We use an Amalgam Separator and mercury traps in our office, as a filter for the waste water. The traps are picked up monthly by a hazardous materials recycling company, no toxic metals or chemicals end up in our drains and ultimately in our environment!
Amalgam Separator

We take Low Radiation x-rays seriously, but when the California Department of Public Health confirms it - we are extra proud! Read more in our blog
"Our Department values your commitment in ensuring that your Patients, operators, and the public are protected from unnecesary radiation exposure levels"
Low Radiation x-rays
We continuously improve our equipment and technology to make sure we use nothing harmful or toxic, but beneficial to your overall health Contact us
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