It's time to think about getting our teeth white again!

faster, it lasts longer

Using Biolase EpicX LASER (they are a local, Orange County company), the gel-to-tooth contact time is about HALF AS LONG as with the old zoom device, less heat, also better focused. Less contact time results in almost no sensitivity during or after the procedure. This is NOT like zoom, if you probably had a bad experience of heard of someone who did.

When the laser shines on the teeth, Patients barely feel anything, instead they experience a warm, comfortable sensation. The Laser activates the whitening gel for only short, 30-seconds intervals, compared to other light-based in-office whitening systems, that shine a heat-producing lamp for several minutes at a time. The Laser is so quiet and Patients can barely feel anything, they actually had to put a speaker on it that makes a chirping sound so you know when it's on!

Our teeth naturally lose their white color as we age or from external influences such as coffee, tea, red wine, soy sauce, caramel color, chocolate, smoking and others. The whitening procedure will have a lot of cosmetic and medical benefits on your teeth. The increased awareness for a healthy smile rapidly increases the Patient's hygiene. As a result, Patients generally have significant improvements in oral and systemic health from Whitening their teeth! "Having your teeth whitened makes you feel good, it's like wearing a great outfit or a wonderful accessory!"

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(Because it's considered cosmetic, most insurance plans don't cover this procedure, but the benefits far exceed the out of pocket cost!)

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LASER Teeth Whitening
Dr Preda is LASER Certified

Dr Preda is Level I Certified to work with Lasers by the World Clinical LASER Institute

LASER Certification
Almost no sensitivity, faster process and it lasts longer! Contact us
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LASER Therapy

Goes beyond just Teeth Whitening!

LASER dentistry is far less invasive than traditional dental surgery methods! The latest generation of treatment for Periodontal Disease-Deep Cleaning LASER Therapy, LASER-assisted Hygiene and LASER Surgery!
Bad breath? Bleeding gums? Get your LASER gum therapy, an enhanced deep cleaning, and save a trip to the "gum specialist" and avoid invasive gum surgery!

  • Less pain and minimal post-operative discomfort
  • Quicker healing times
  • Less bleeding during and following treatment
  • Reduced periodontal pockets
  • Reduced need for full anesthesia
  • No need for sutures or stitches

The latest generation of treatment for Herpetic lesions with LASER therapy!

Faster healing with less itching, burning and pain!
The laser energy inactivates the virus and removes it, stopping the evolution and promoting lesion withdrawal!

LASER Certification
Gentle on your gums, less pain and faster healing

Experience the power of LASER!

Gentle on your gums, less pain and faster healing

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