We can show you a

Digital Smile Simulation in Minutes!

We can simulate a part of your smile, or a complete Smile Makeover on an app that uses a real digital scan of your teeth, so you can see the makeover in minutes, with real results!

Once we integrate this simulation with a digital scan of your teeth and pictures – we upload the file to the lab and they create your future Perfect Smile exactly like this simulation!
We offer this free, we just ask for a few minutes of your time to take the necessary pictures and a digital scan of your teeth to enter them in our app, that's it! In a few minutes Dr Preda will generate your simulated Smile Makeover so you can decide what issues or areas you want to address first. Call or text us at 949-425-1447, email or request an appointment online for a Smile Makeover simulation session!

So you can see your Smile transformation process in a few minutes, or we can email it to you so you can compare and take a decision about starting the treatment!

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We can show you a Smile Makeover image in minutes
Smile Makeover Simulation in minutes! Contact us
Call or text 949-425-1447. or book online

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